Get prepared for GSS 2014! (Up to 60% off)

GSS (Great Singapore Sales) 2014 is around the corner. So these are what we had prepare for you girl!   Pay now via PayPal to get voucher 15% for next nail treatment. Only applicable for first timer Once PayPal transaction is successful, please book your appointment with J’s Nail and quote “GSS 2014″ and your Paypal email. Please show your PayPal receipt (or Email receipt) when you attend the appointment. This promotion valid for appointment up to July, 2014  

Ena, tales about Lifestyle and Beauty

It was blissful Saturday morning, come by bright and smiley Ena. Being Best Lifestyle Blogger in 2013, Fashion and Beauty blogger as well, Ena never stop blogging since she wrote her first blog during 13 years old. Fashion and beauty are something that we, as ladies can’t miss out. It boosts your confident when someone simply say “Hey! Nice outfit! Some fashion sense you have there!” or, “Wow! Nice nail art!”. Aren’t it is the truth? No ugly woman, only […]

Xinyi, mischief that lies beneath

With a gigantic pair of eyes, auburn slightly curled hair, and a classic oval face, Xinyi looked like a typical character out of Japanese manga… perfect for cosplay! Some 10 years ago, Xinyi had already started blogging. Initially it was to hone her Chinese writing skills. Slowly, it became bilingual, before evolving into a purely English blog at the invitation of myfatpocket (a blogger’s association). Writing as a contemporary blogger certainly has its perks. Soon enough the sponsors came, much […]

Time for 4D Nail Art

Not so long ago, we all amazed how 3D nail art create wonder on your nail. Now, have you get ready to explore on 4D nail art? But wait, what are the differences between 3D Nail Art and 4D Nail Art? Both 3D and 4D are hand made. The different is, 3D Nail Art drawn directly on the nail; while 4D Nail Art required to create before hand Due to 4D Nail Art will be created before “paste” on the […]

Crystal Phuong, a measure of beauty and assurance

When the door was opened, a refreshing “hello” rang through from a petite lady, who went on to introduce herself. Crystal came across as a confident urbanite, similar to the impression given on her blog, yet somewhat different when I saw her in person. “I noticed a picture of you with a boy on Facebook… is that your kid?” I asked. In response, Crystal smiled, “That’s my nephew from Vietnam la. I’m not married yet.” Okay, that was embarrassing for […]

My Hong Kong Nail Art Journey (Part 2)

For those who are into DIY Nail Art, here is a tip for your accessories in Hong Kong: Yu Chau Street. (We will be publishing our very own online DIY Gel Nail tutorial in near future, akan datang!) Yu Chau Street located at Sham Sui Po, easily reach by taking MTR at Sham Shui Po stop at A2 exit. You can found a lot of material for Nail Art there, anything you can think of, such as glittering Swarovski crystal […]

My Hong Kong Nail Art Journey (Part 1)

It was freezing cold in Hong Kong last week. Walking on street with 4 – 10 degree celsius is somewhat a thing I wnjoy to do – due to all year hot weather in Singapore. What will you do when you were in Hong Kong? I bet shopping, eat, shopping, eat and the same old things goes on? Well, for me myself, there is 1 thing I never missed other than shopping insanely, and yes, my manicure nail art treatment. […]

Alright, the first promotion…

Alright ladies, and guys (in case you want to get your nail polished as well, or your love one), Here come the first promotion. For every 5 check-in on your smart phone using Yelp or Foursquare, you will entitled to SGD 5 voucher. Simple-eh? But, I know, you may have questions, here are the FAQ to get you started. So, what are Yelp or Foursquare? Yelp and Foursquare are the top notch social media portal to help you find out […]

It has been a while…

It has been a while since our website stop functioning, or act as a redirection to our Facebook page. It was due to our busy schedule, as well as moving our shop to a real shop front at 19 Shelford Road. The website has to put it aside as all these taking a lot of our time. However, after several consideration, we did actually plan for a re-boot for the whole website – with new interface design. Of course, we […]